"Speak Even If Your Voice Quivers" Interview with Remaz Abdelgader

"I think if I were to share something today with other women, women of color and women of different identities that intersect in so many different ways, it would be just to speak. Speak even if your voice quivers. That’s been my motto […] because right now is a time for activism, right now is a time for you to speak and to show the world who you are."

Named in 2016 as one of the four Muslim women who have changed the face of American politics by MuslimGirl.com, Remaz Abdelgader is a change-maker and a force to be reckoned with. In this interview with Counter/Act Magazine, Remaz discusses her political and activist work, what it is like to be a Black Muslim woman in the United States in the current political climate, and her reflections on Islam, feminism, and activism.