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At Counter/Action we are committed to fostering a space for transnational and transmovement conversations about putting feminist theory into practice and sharing innovative ideas, approaches, and analyses for challenging gendered violence. Our name signals our intent to link feminist theorizing of injustice with innovative forms of action including feminist art and other creative interventions that seek to counter the anti-feminist, racist and imperialist forces that are prevalent globally. 

Our inaugural mini-issue features four contributions by feminist scholars, activists, and practitioners from the United States, Israel, and Canada. These essays and video interviews are couched in feminist theorizing of conflict, violence, and oppression and highlight the practice of feminism through forms of resistance and activism undertaken by women in these different spaces. The contributors discuss the pressing issues of colonialism and the ongoing oppression of Indigenous peoples in Israel and Canada; Islamophobia and racism in the United States; and the implications of the Trump presidency from a feminist perspective. Each of these pieces provide insight into intersectional forms of injustice and violence, while centering in these discussions the agency and resistance practiced by women in the pursuit of survival and social change. 

We would like to thank all of our contributors for their thoughtful analyses and commentaries and hope that these pieces serve to stimulate conversation and dialogue among our readership. We encourage our readers to participate by commenting on the articles and by submitting their own essays, videos, and art. Click the Submissions tab for more information about contributing to a future edition of Counter/Action. 

-Lisa McLean, Editor Counter/Action Magazine: Feminists Bridging Theory and Action



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